About Us

Masco’s reputation as a leading construction company has been founded on the basis of excellent and innovative engineering design.

What Makes Masco Developments Different?

Quality craftsmanship from start to finish, combined with the level and integrity you would expect from one of the leading Sydney-based industrial, commercial and residential construction companies.

For years we have worked diligently to build a reputation of professional and trustworthy construction services, and we’d love the opportunity to help you complete your next project as well.

At Masco Developments, we want to build life-long partnerships with our satisfied clients, not just one-time projects. This allows us to build upon our positive name in the community and create more growth and opportunity for our business and our employees.

Our business is built on using the latest innovations in materials and methods to keep costs down and quality high, giving your project the support it needs to be delivered with integrity and in a timely manner.

Committed to Excellence

Reputation and trust are built through consistency and quality, and ours is no different. Just like any business we generate much of our opportunities through the satisfied clients we’ve worked with in the past, showing the level of partnership we provide to ensure your project obtains the level of excellence you expect, acceptable delivery, and of the highest integrity from top to bottom.

Property Industry Partners

As a property developer, you know that having a reliable and trustworthy development company on your side can ensure success. Masco Developments wants to be that peace of mind, and our years of experience and satisfied client testimonials should help make that an easy decision.

Our dedication to delivering projects on time and within budget without ever compromising quality is the heart of our business, giving us the ability to build long term relationships with property industry leaders in the Sydney area and beyond.





A Development Company You Can Trust

Whether it’s industrial, residential or commercial projects, we want to ensure your satisfaction from the moment we start the paperwork, to the very end of the project and into the future. Our dedicated team of experts are here to give you the knowledge and advice you need to ensure a successful project time and time again.


At Masco Developments, we want to build life-long partnerships with our satisfied clients, not just one-time projects.