Our Services

No matter the size or complexity of the project at hand, we’re ready to meet and exceed expectations. We have spent years in the industry understanding the needs and goals of our clients, then combining them with our experienced staff to build innovative solutions for a full spectrum of construction services.


Building & Project Management

 Masco Developments specialises in building with the utmost quality and the best delivery times available. Our project managers help you bring your project to life through expertise, focus and innovative solutions.


Commercial Development

The impression your business location makes on a customer can have a large impact. The more accessible and relevant commercial buildings are, means more happy employees, excited clients and a professional impression that lasts a lifetime.


Residential Construction

Our team provides a full spectrum of residential construction and accommodation. We pride ourselves on providing the same level of quality and service no matter the density, story size or connection with existing buildings.


Industrial Construction

Our history involves many industrial construction success stories that become the foundation in which our business stands on. We have spent large amounts of time working with industry experts, resource managers and investors to ensure a successful project in and out.


Joint Venture

For investors, having a reliable, trustworthy development company in your corner makes building through joint ventures even easier.

Delivering optimum conditions for many types of commercial or industrial construction gives us a leg up against our competition, and giving you the ability to plan for the future ahead.


Hedge Fund Investments

Here at Masco Developments, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the flexibility and reliability you need as an investor or property developer, making it easier for you to start planning for future endeavours and still obtain a reliable, trustworthy partner for your projects for years to come.


At Masco Developments, we want to build life-long partnerships with our satisfied clients, not just one-time projects.